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We’ve been caring for elder people since 1973, and our name Bethsaida is a biblical word meaning “a place of rest”.


Bethsaida Retirement Village continues a legacy of care, in a location steeped in local history.

1918 - It all began in 1918 when the Marlborough Hospital Board bought the Holmdale Homestead from Mr Thomas Bell, who was an agent for the Holm Shipping Line. The Hospital Board paid $6,000.00 for the homestead which included 5.5 acres of land. Some alterations and a new hospital ward were added along with a Nurses Home, to cater for the staff who lived on the grounds.

1971 - Catholic parish priest Father John Sloane was concerned about some elderly Blenheim folk who were about to become homeless, as there was no assistance from the government at the time. He and several others organised a lease of the Nurses Home from the Marlborough Hospital Board for a peppercorn rental of $2.00 per year.

1973 - The Bethsaida Charitable Trust was formed and after many working bees and fundraising efforts, the Bethsaida Home for the Aged was opened offering care and accommodation for 15 residents.

1988 - Holmdale land and buildings were offered to the Bethsaida Trust and it was at this time that the Maternity Home was converted into a Rest Home.
Our name ‘Bethsaida’ comes from the Bible and means “a place of rest” and it was also a fishing village on the shores of Lake Galilee where it is believed Jesus fed the 5,000.

2018 - Completion of two newly constructed Holmdale and Youell wings, with their large sunny lounges and hospital level care equipment increase our care room capacity.

2020 - Today Bethsaida Retirement Village continues to focus on future care and accommodation requirements through expansion. Plans are in place to construct additional high-quality villas with construction currently scheduled to commence in 2022.

Images courtesy of the Marlborough Historical Society; Marlborough Museum Archives.